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Spring 2017

February 20, 2017

4 weeks after returning to work following our Christmas break, the Nursery returned to an acceptable level of tidiness.  Rotten and decaying leaves and debris raked and removed, wooden display benches replaced where wet rot had taken hold, plants pruned, tidied, weeded and top dressed and 15 tons of gravel hardcore laid on paths and surfaces and car park to give everything a fresh look for what we anticipate to be a busy spring season.

After all this maintenance and somewhat tedious work – in thankfully fairly benign conditions we have now returned to the exciting business of potting and propagation.

Young plants overwintered in 9 cm pots in the polytunnel are showing signs of life and need to be given new homes in larger containers to enable them to produce the enticing product that we hope you will all want to buy later in the season!  Only another 20,000 to go ………….. (or more – I’ve never counted.)

Just a reminder we are open Tuesday to Friday 9 – 5 p.m.  These times also apply to the Garden.  The Bothy tearoom will reopen in early March (homemade cakes and self service teas and coffees etc.)  This year the Garden is open in aid of National Garden Scheme, FORCE, and Hospiscare.  We suggest a donation of £3-50 per person or some may prefer £5-00 to cover the whole season.  We take no money from garden admissions for ourselves.

The Nursery is brimming with a good range of plants for the season, far to many to list here – and lists are always instantly out of date – so we look forward to seeing you soon to make your own discoveries.  Please feel free to phone on 01626 899106 during working hours.

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