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Another Year (nearly ) Over

December 16, 2014

And so the annual garden tidy up draws to a close… I wish ! Despite favorable weather on the whole the last 4 weeks ,the mammoth task of cutting back, pruning ,mulching ,weeding and edging our 30- odd borders – which i always target to finish by christmas – still has a fair way to go. A bad cold/serious Man Flu last week did not help with productive output. The number of times I paused for breath ,resting on my spade and gazing around, qualified me as a poten tial Council employee !!

With the prospect of a mild,benign Christmas / New Year hopefully a couple of weeks break from the plant world-With the exception of watering the oversized Nordmann Fir my daughters decided we needed to adorn our living romm- all 9 foot of it! Once the storms abated at the end of Feb, 2014 proved to be a excellent growing and selling season, so a sincere thank you to all our customers ,and look forward to seeing you again in 2015.

The Nursery will be closed from Dec 23 to Jan 6 (or longer if the dreaded snow / ice appear)

Have A Happy Christmas and a Heathly New Year

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