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April 30, 2013

So sorry after thinking I’d hit the 21st century big time with my blog/website and I add nothing until today – 14 months later!
It’s good to see customers returning now the weather has turned spring-like. Having said that, I was amazed that we had as many hardy souls brave the elements and visit the nursery during the bitter days of March! For those who have not popped in this year yet, the garden has sprung to life and after being about a month behind just two or three weeks ago, is now almost average for the end of April. In fact, it’s unusual to see plum, pear and apple blossom all out together with almond and peach still having a few blooms in flower. Some years there might be four or six weeks between the various species.

The nursery is brimming with wonderful plants (well I would say that, so I won’t say it again – take it as read!) Just to let everyone who thinks we’re completley technophobic – apart from this blog of course – that we do now take credit and debit cards on the nursery. I can just about control the machine most of the time, but the more practice I get the better! (hint hint)

Someone recently asked me about my promise of politcal comments on this blog – well just say you’re lucky to get any horticultural ones at the moment!! (But vote UKIP in this Thursday’s local elections!)

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  1. Marjorie thorne permalink
    February 23, 2015 10:38 am

    Only just discovered your blogs – wonderful , witty and imformative. Am looking for a silver birch to plant late March ” Moonbeam ” sounds good. How much ? Will phone when you’re open
    Marjorie 23rd Feb.

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